Meet Boardroom Labs

We’re a Business Design Consulting based out of Toronto, Canada. We solve innovation problems for clients ranging from startups to FORTUNE 500’s. Founded in 2018 by Andrew James Walls, Boardroom Labs is the result of years spent studying the underlying principles of innovation. 

We believe in putting ourselves out of work by empowering clients with our tools. Innovation is a mindset that’s transformational to the way we engage with our world. We share our tools with the world so anyone can innovate like we do. Get in touch with us and find out what makes us special. 


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Why We Care


Create Shared Value

Co-creation. Collaborative approaches. Systems and ecosystem thinking. Our #1 priority is creating value for our stakeholders, and those who support us.

Magnifying DNA

Rethink Innovation

Innovating innovation from the ground up. Systemic foresight applied to our own field, to change the way innovators innovate at all levels of an organization.

Graduate Globe

Educate the World

Radical transparency. Share everything for free. Empower individuals across the globe to innovate like we do. Help us shape this journey.


Part think-tank, part accelerator, part consultancy, part emergence. Boardroom Labs is shaking up the consulting business model. See why we're different.


We see a world where innovation is as natural as breathing. By rethinking the consulting business model, we're helping organizations make long term, complex decisions better.


Boardroom Labs is an experiment in radical organization. Holocratic governance, Felt Fair pay, employees set titles, collaborative consulting, % project pay. Be better with us.

Our Values