Imagine and Pilot Breakthrough Products, Services, and Experiences.​

At Boardroom Labs our three primary offerings are inspiring and engaging leaders and talent, identifying and capturing new opportunities, and building sustainable, scalable innovation architecture.

Partner with our experienced designers, innovators, strategists, and futurists to boldly confront your future — one insight, idea, or transformative vision at a time.

Futures Design

We imagine and craft future experiences and pilots that inspire bold action, thoughtful risk-taking, and a break from the status quo. Often step one on the futures and innovation journey.

  • Foresight and Vision Development
  • Scenario and Uncertainty Planning
  • Market and Thematic Discovery
  • Experiential Future Installations, Artifacts, & Immersive Events
  • Field Trips and Futures Immersion
  • Futurist-In-Residence & Advisory
  • Ongoing Scanning and Driver Analysis

Innovation Strategy

We help large companies create growth opportunities and new ventures, all within a strategic, futures-forward approach to building portfolios and finding ecosystem-strategy fit.

  • Ethnography and Research Insights
  • Journey and Experience Mapping
  • Interaction Design and Prototyping
  • Product Logic and Design
  • Business Casing and Modelling
  • Venture and New Business Design
  • Strategic Partnerships and Pilots
  • R&D Commercialization

Capacity Building

Innovation rarely fails due to a lack of creativity or ideas. We help build a repeatable process for creating new value and building a competitive advantage over peers.

  • Executive Learning Journeys
  • Bootcamps and Keynotes
  • Advising and Innovation Coaching
  • Innovation Assessment & KPIs
  • Innovation Process Design and Deployment
  • Talent and Organizational Planning
  • Innovation Ecosystem Analysis and Portfolio Focus Area Creation

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Who are these services suited for?
  • Boards
  • Executives
  • Innovation Teams
  • R&D Labs
  • VCs
  • Investment Groups