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We’re an innovation consultancy based out of Toronto, Ontario. We specialize in workshops, innovation sprints, develop internal innovation capacities, and change management.

Start by booking a brief phone consultation with us. We love helping companies of all shapes and sizes solve their innovation problems, and would love to chat about helping with yours.

We help companies innovate like startups.

Is you struggling to develop new products, understand your business model, or perform research to confirm if you’re doing the right things?

We specialize in service design, product development, business design, foresight, storytelling, and research.

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We develop elegant systems to solve complex problems.

Our Services

We love working directly with clients to solve thorny innovation challenges. Have a look at our services below and book a consultation to find out how we can work together.

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Workshops, Bootcamps, Entrepreneur In Residence. We come to you and teach the secrets of innovation.

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Structured 4 day innovation sprints. Battle hardened processes from ideation to implementation.

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Internal accelerators, hackathons. We'll co-create with you to realize your innovation goals.

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Change management, transition to teal, innovation audits. Transformation.

Our Work

Our portfolio spans not-for-profits, product design, and services.

Our Tools

Designed in house, these are the tools we use to radically innovate within organizations of all shapes and sizes.


We write about things sometimes. Those sometimes are here, all the times.


Great workshop on business modelling! You helped my science students see their work through the lense of entrepreneurship.
Bryan Koivisto
Bryan Koivisto
Associate Professor, Ryerson University
The progress you've made since the initial concept for Barrio is unbelievable. I hope you're as proud as I am of your latest iteration.
Osman Hamid Profile
Osman Hamid
Student Engagement Director, Ted Rogers Student Society
Working with you has been an absolute pleasure for the last few years. I'm excited to stay connected and see where you end up moving forward.
Steven Gedeon
Steven Gedeon
Director, Ryerson Angle Network

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